I’m Going To Be 100 Minutes Late to Every RA Class

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

All newly hired Resident Assistants at Rutgers University are automatically enrolled in a class called Foundations of an RA 101. There are a whole bunch of sections but sure enough, there isn’t a single one that fits into my crazy schedule this semester.

The original section I was placed into meets at the same time as my neuropsychology class so I asked if they could switch me into another section. They promptly moved me to another section except it actually made things worse. With that new section, I would miss the beginning, have to travel from the furthest campus, attend 30 minutes of the 3-hour class, and then leave early and miss the end.

I suggested two possible alternatives so they switched me to another section that meets on Fridays as well except later in the day. Due to a conflict with my Bio Lab Lecture, I got permission to arrive at the class 100 minutes late. Haha oh my gosh. I guess it’s okay since I’ll still be present for the last 60 minutes of class…

I’m actually really disappointed that I can’t attend any of the sections in their entirety. The RA Class is an aspect of my new position that I was really looking forward to. From what I’ve been told, it’s a great way to befriend other RAs and learn more about yourself- a theme many people are well aware of my obsession with. 😉


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