Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

“Here’s the title of your post: ‘An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.’ Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!” –The Daily Post

Cookie Butter Cookies – An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse


A friend of mine visited this past weekend and he brought with him a box of Cookie Butter Cookies.

cookie butter cookies

I didn’t even know those existed! I’ve been a major Cookie Butter fan ever since I first tried the peanut butter-like spread two summers ago. Apparently Trader Joes sells Cookie Butter, Cookie Butter Cookies, and even Cookie Butter Ice Cream now! What fantastic news. 😉

I actually already had a jar of Cookie Butter laying around my dorm room because I stocked up on the stuff – and nothing else – when the East Coast was panicking about the major snow storm we were supposed to get hit with.

Just in case we got snowed in, I knew I’d have my cookie butter. My roommate had Ritz crackers too so if nothing else, we could spread my cookie butter on his Ritz and survive the storm.

cookie butter on cookie butter cookies

I put my cookie butter on the cookie butter cookies.




  1. Craig J Golbach

    Oh, great! Now yet another thing I am going to have to try. Something else i have been unaware of as well. And Trader Joes is one of my newly favored, shopping outlets lately. Just wait, when I lease expect it I will experience another one of those “sounds of trumpets and choir of angels” moments when I round a corner at the store. And there IT will be… Cookie Butter Cookies and Cookie Butter. 😉

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