Embrace Your Style

I’m sharing with you a video that essentially speeds through the process of four Disney artists who set out to paint a tree in their own unique style. I found it fascinating to observe all four of their perspectives while simultaneously hearing what each of them was thinking as they painted.

I believe my favorite tree painting in the end was the super-detailed portrait of the trunk. Had I personally participated in the activity, I think my interpretation would have more closely resembled the black/white charcoal painting simply because that one more closely matches my own drawing style.

I especially like the end of this video when Walt Disney quotes Robert Henri and reads, The big painter is one who has something to say. He thus does not paint men, landscape or furniture, but an idea.”


  1. Craig J Golbach

    Wow! This was very mesmerizing. It kept me spellbound. It took me back to my art classes in college back home in Wisconsin. Now I want to paint again. 🙂 I loved each artists interpretation of the tree. I could definitely see some of Henri’s writings being very applicable in everyday life situations. I would have to say my favorite would have to be the piece concentrating primarily on the trunk.

    Thank you.

      1. silverbeans

        Ughh I know right?? I was left thinking a lot seeing their accuracy and precision when doing their animation sketches for Sleeping Beauty. And the way their canvases started out as these random paint strokes… but then they end up being these mind blowing pieces of art. Aghhh

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