Pokémon Will Protect Your Plants

I went to my 8-year-old cousin’s house today to celebrate his birthday. When I arrived, he was in his playroom building a ninja with his new set of legos. When I sat down by him on the couch, I noticed something strange on the table beside me. He had a stack of Pokemon cards resting on the soil of his plant.

I turned to my cousin and asked, “Hey, are those your Pokemon cards?”

My cousin stops building his ninja and looks up at me. “Yes.”

I smile. “Why do you have them in the dirt with your plant?”

He sits beside me and whispers, “I keep them there for the plant’s protection!”

Aaaha, I see… 😕

I scooped them up and explained to him how I used to keep my Pokemon cards in a binder – which is why I got him one for his birthday. I always thought the binder was a convenient way to display my cards. Now he could too!

He very happily transferred his 300-something Pokemon cards into the laminated sleeves before explaining to me that without the potted Pokemon cards, the plant was in danger and needed protection. We decided to keep one legendary Pokemon in the plant’s soil just to make sure it would remain safe.

Hopefully, Palkia EX has what it takes…


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