Weekly Writing Challenge: Ice, Water, Steam

I have such a different appreciation for H2O after taking a college-level chemistry course.


H2O is actually the perfect example of something that comes in vastly different forms. In its gas state, it’s invisible water vapor. As a liquid, it’s one of the most vital substances for life on this planet. And as a solid, the H2O molecules form a crystal lattice that results in ice actually expanding in size rather than condensing.

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for oxygen’s high electronegativity and the fact that it is a polar molecule.

It’s actually pretty amazing for such a simple molecule. Without the small interactions between the hydrogen atoms in H2O, water’s high specific heat would be much lower and most of the water would evaporate from the planet and be lost to the universe.

I apologize for this VERY literal response. I couldn’t resist.

(Weekly Writing Challenge: Ice, Water, Steam)


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