Daily Prompt: Hindsight

“Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.” –The Daily Post

The first post I ever published on this blog was New College Semester: a post written back when I was still in high school and simultaneously taking college classes.

I think I took a total of 12 credits that semester: Calc I, Marketing, English Comp II, and Yoga. Seems like nothing after taking 19 credits this past semester.

I have to say, I really enjoyed my schedule that semester.

I took Marketing with one of my close friends and together we designed our own company called Pinpoint Incorporated. We created a tracking device that you could use to keep track of anything from your keys, your purse, your laptop, whatever! Together, we devised an entire marketing plan and presentation and spent many hours hard at work at the Cafe in Barnes & Noble.

English Comp II was a simple writing class where we’d read short stories for homework before critically analyzing them in the following class.

Calc I…. uh yeah! That was a class.

And then there was yoga <3 I LOVED that class and miss it so much. So much that I actually am planning to break out my yoga mat today and get back into the habit over Winter Break. I think one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was my $5.00 yoga block.

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