Daily Prompt: Envelope Pushers

“When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?” -The Daily Post

Hahaha, I feel like every day is a risk – not necessarily in a bad way. But really, pretty much everything can be a risk if you think about it.

Just to give a fast example, last night I had to decide if I was better off staying at college to submit an assignment due at midnight or if I should skip the assignment and drive home to avoid the snowstorm that was supposed to hit us the next morning. I was going to skip the assignment but then I decided I didn’t want a bad grade in chemistry so I chose to stay at school past midnight to complete it. Then I drove home and got back around 1:30 AM which was still better, in my opinion, than driving home the next day in heavy traffic and snow.

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