Round 2 of Exams

Here we go again! This upcoming week is round 2 of exams for my classes this semester.

Fall semester is now halfway over. Most classes are getting ready to administer exams either this upcoming week or the week after. My Abnormal Psych exam is on Monday, Chemistry is on Wednesday, Sociology is on Friday, and Biology is the Sunday after.

This semester honestly feels like a steady stream of craziness. The work never ever ends.

I’m glad I kept Abnormal Psychology as a class. I’ve found it really interesting so far and it has definitely helped me validate my interest in psychiatry and mental health. I find myself fascinated in lecture and really enjoying the textbook. I definitely needed that validation before I could commit to making the jump from Rutgers Business School to the School of Arts and Sciences: something I’ll have to do within the next month or so. I believe I’m ready to commit to the switch but it is still nerve-wracking since I know there’s no going back.

As I discussed in my recent post about Chemistry at Rutgers, Chem is hard. I love it. But it’s hard. I’m really nervous about this upcoming exam so I’ll be studying for it like crazy right up until the day of the exam. I can’t let a freshman weed-out course get in the way of me accomplishing what I’m setting out to do.

Sociology has been enjoyable. The exams are REALLY focused on what’s stated during lecture so attendance is of the utmost importance. Every single lecture, our professor says, “The definition of Sociology is SCIENCE OF SOCIETY. 3 words. SCIENCE OF SOCIETY. I will ask you this on the exam.” Then Exam 1 came around and sure enough, it was on there! It was worth the most points too! And somehow, a number of students still got it wrong…. Hahaha. Anyone who got that wrong must never go to class because he tells us that same thing EVERY LECTURE.

The top 30 students don’t have to take a final. My goal is to be one of them.

Biology is information overload. It’s so much information that it’s seems silly and unrealistic. There’s no reason why we should have to memorize as much content as we’re expected to. I genuinely feel bad for the freshmen who came into the course not expecting it to be as intense as it is. If you miss a single lecture, it’s overwhelming. I missed my first class this Thursday and I had to dedicate 6 hours today to try to catch up on the content I missed. My professor flies through the material at lightning speed during our 80 minute lecture and when you’re trying to copy the notes down, you feel it.

I’ve never taken notes before like I do in biology.

There’s no upcoming exams in Chem Lab, Bio Workshop, or Creative Writing so for that, I’m super grateful. If I had another exam to worry about, I think I’d start crying. Haha.


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