My Decision to Be Super Early Actually Made Me On Time

It’s week two of classes and I’m about to start off my day. As always, I got up at 7:00, got dressed, and jumped on a bus to get something to eat.

I sat in the dining hall for a long time enjoying pancakes and orange juice while browsing the web on my laptop. I opened Google Calendar where I have everything scheduled from the times when I have class to the times when I’m allowed to eat lunch. It’s all there – on my phone and on Google.

Now, I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, something got messed up. My Creative Writing class is supposed to begin at 9:50AM. That’s when it started last week. That’s the time it says on my course registration.

But that is not what it said on my calendar. My calendar said that my class started at 10:20AM.

Why? I couldn’t tell you…

Unfortunately, I trust my calendar more than I trust myself in many cases. So much so that I didn’t even pick up on the scheduling discrepancy. I remembered that Creative Writing was early in the morning and so it must be at 10:20 like my phone said. Why wouldn’t it be?

(And yes, I know it’s probably not good to be so reliant on my calendar but with everything I do each week, I need the calendar to keep track of it for me. It’s too much for me to remember on my own.)

So anyway, I looked at the time and it was 9:30. According to my phone, class was in a little over half an hour. But hey, you can never be too early, right? So not knowing what else to do with myself, I decided to put my tray of food away and get going so I could get to class and settle in.

By the time I got to the classroom, it was around 9:50AM. I open the door and the professor stands up and says, “Ok class, let’s begin.”

I rushed to my seat and grabbed a laptop. Guess we’re getting a head start on the material this week!???

I was really confused. Determined to figure out how this was possible, I opened up my course registration and saw that the class was scheduled to begin at 9:50 each week and NOT 10:20.

But how? In fact, each following week had the correct time set for my class. Only this week was set to 10:20 and I have no idea why.



  1. Hey Rocky,
    This is really interested for me because I’m exaclty the same. I can’t actually remember anything by myself and rely heavily on my calendar and apps. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without a smartphone, which is pretty sad, bust still. I had no idea that there were other people as crazy as me 🙂
    I think its pretty liberating when there’s an external source that you trust, and I’m just wondering how you stay organized. I’ve found over the years that the way I stay productive and organized has changed, and I always love to see how other people work. My inner psychologist is fascinated by that.

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