Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending (to Calculus)

Day 1: My calculus professor reviewed for our 4th exam that we’ll take tomorrow. It’s all Calc 2 material like integration/anti-derivatives and it’s really confusing. I’ve done well on the previous tests so one maybe bad exam shouldn’t hurt me too badly. But I still really want to do well. I’ll spend the rest of my day studying.

Day 2: Today was our 4th exam. Despite studying ALL DAY yesterday, I still thought it was really challenging. This new professor likes to put really complicated problems on our exams and basically eliminates the possibility of me ever getting a perfect score on any of his tests.

Now I get to spend the rest of the day studying for the final exam that we take on Thursday. Test after test after test.

Day 3: Class today was a review of everything we’ve done these past 5 weeks. I actually think taking calc as a 5-week summer class was a great decision. Now I only have to think back 5 weeks for a cumulative final exam versus trying to remember things I learned in September for a final in December.

Tonight is cram night. I’m going to be staying in the library studying with my friend all night until they ask us to leave.

Surviving off of Pretzels.

Day 4: Today was our final. I’m not sure how to feel right now. I think the exam was hard – very hard – but I don’t think I failed it. I should be excited right now – this could be the last day I’ve ever had to do calculus for the rest of my life! But what if I think I did everything right and everything was actually wrong..? What if I really didn’t pass?

I don’t think I could take the class again. I’d probably have to switch majors. No. Stop. I definitely passed. There’s no way I didn’t. I was getting As in calculus this time around.

After leaving my college, I drove up north to see my family, to celebrate, and to swim. No matter what happens grade-wise, I’m still done with calculus for the rest of summer so that means I AM FINALLY FREE!


(Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending)
July 21st – July 24th


    1. Calculus is a requirement for almost everything now! I’m most likely switching out of the Business School for the School of Arts and Sciences but the Business School requires it for all business majors including marketing/management! If I go pre-med, many top medical schools also want to see that you took calculus.

      1. Borderline senseless. One rarely, if ever, uses calculus in Med School (unless one intends to go into hard core research) or B School. A glarling gap between the real world and that of slow-to-change academic curricula. I hope you receive a grade commensurate with your effort!

  1. Hey man, I really enjoy your blog. You seem like a natural. I also hope you’re in my creative writing class or I might sound completely dumb right now, but I can see that you put a lot of effort in your blog regardless of us having to do assignments etc. It seems that you just enjoy putting your stuff out there and I admire your faithfulness!

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