The Purge 2 Is About My Life

I went on a date last night with this guy I met last week. We went to see the Purge 2 together and it seemed like we had a really great time! But when we left the movie theater, I was unhappy to find that I had accidentally left my car headlights on and my car’s battery had died…

There was a drunk woman there who was very concerned about us and panicked whenever I’d open my door because she thought the door being open would destroy the battery even more…

SO JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE, WE WERE STRANDED THERE. It was around 1 AM and we were at a theater that I had never gone to before.

Luckily, we got my car running again but it took us a good hour or so to figure out which cables to connect to and in what order. My car was simple. My friend’s car was not.

Once I got home, it was around 3:30 AM.

Then I woke up this morning and went right back to my car and began to load it up with shovels, rakes, and pitchforks. As I was putting them into my car, it hit me again.

It kind of felt like I was getting ready for the Purge! Of course, these weren’t real weapons but people definitely could use them as such.

I only need them for a community service project where we will be gardening and weeding…

But yeah, everything feels like I’m purging now.


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