I Finally Bought the SEL35F18 for my Sony NEX F3!

I’ve been waiting to purchase a new lens for my SONY NEX mirrorless camera for a while now. I’ve had my camera since the summer of 2012 but never had any reason to buy another lens. Until a few months back.

(See: Choosing a New Lens for My Sony NEX Mirrorless Camera)

Throughout my research, I learned all about the “nifty fifty” and the advantages of shooting at f1.8. Around that time was when I began to recognize that I needed the SEL35F18 for my camera. The 35mm lens (50mm equivalent) and wide aperture were perfect for shooting the exact types of pictures I was interested in.

I was looking to shoot in low light conditions which f1.8 is ideal for! The wide aperture means the lens can open wider allowing more light into the sensor. F1.8 is also great for portrait photography because of the bokeh effect, something else I wanted my camera to do.

The week of my sister’s middle school prom, I bit the bullet and bought the SEL35F18 lens. It arrived at my doorstep the morning of her dance, just in time for “prom” pictures!

I took the lens with me to Indiana and California so far and I have to say, I’m impressed! Well worth the cash.

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