Abercrombie Makes Shopping a Struggle

It is so dark inside of Abercrombie that my sister has to shop with the flashlight activated on her iPhone in order to see what she’s buying…

shopping in Dark Abyss Abercrombie

When I saw her shopping like that, I literally laughed out loud because of how ridiculous it was that a store could actually be that dark. It makes me wonder why that’s necessary. Does the dimness really add to the “cool” vibe they want to pull off? I find it just makes shopping more difficult – and my family isn’t vision impaired…

On the “bright” side, at least they’re being green and saving electricity! 😀


  1. We don’t have A&F shops in Australia but we find it a little daunting when we are overseas and walk into their stores. We love A&F clothes but it is difficult to shop with them. The stores are not only dark but the music is really loud and the latest cologne is being pumped through the air vents! It’s rather off putting! We feel like we are at a nightclub or bar…. But as you say, there is a “bright” side.

    1. Yes! They ARE loud and DO have a strong scent. I was going to mention both of those things in my post but I didn’t want to seem like I was bashing on Abercrombie because I genuinely do like a lot of their clothes. I just think they need to rethink the atmosphere… Glad you agree

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