What Is Alpaca Evolution?

Absorb the surrounding alpacas.


They’re everywhere. And they’re waiting to be absorbed.

Each player starts off as a regular alpaca with a rare genetic mutation. As you begin to absorb the alpacas around you, your alpaca become stronger and evolves.

Each individual alpaca adds to your strength so you must get as many as possible.

You have to be patient at times as the alpacas can sometimes take a while to appear. But don’t worry, they’ll come.

When you get enough, your alpaca will become more of a mutant than an alpaca. Its alpaca heart starts to go away.

It is transforming.

When you’ve become strong enough, you turn into this thing. I don’t know what it is though.

Your new objective is to absorb gatekeepers instead of regular alpacas. Your alpaca-thing will ultimately receive judgment from the gatekeepers.

I’m now at a point in the game where I have turned into an alpaca-spider and must defeat the alpaca-God.

Each alpaca evolution is more exciting than the last and I never know what to expect.

And there you have it! If you’re interested, there’s also a giraffe version you can play! 

Have fun! 😉

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