Goodbye RayWilliamJohnson =3

I just realized RayWilliamJohnson posted his last =3 video on YouTube. That makes me really sad.

For those of you who don’t know, RWJ is a famous YouTube personality who posts weekly videos reviewing other viral videos from across the web. Here’s one of my favorite videos from him. (He referenced part of it in his final video.)

I first started watching his videos during my junior year of high school. I’d watch his videos each week as I rode the bus to school at 7 AM. I’d pull them up on my smartphone, plug in my earphones, and crack up listening to his comments narrating the viral videos. They were great videos. Absolutely great.

Here’s another old favorite of mine:

I’m going to miss his videos. Since I’ve started college, I haven’t been as loyal of a viewer as I once was but I’d still occasionally stop by to check out his latest videos. Now all I’ll have are reruns. I’ll miss finding new episodes of the =3 show with Ray as the host.

I want to wish Ray good luck in his future endeavors and thank him for quite a few good laughs. I hope he continues to be as successful in his future projects as he has been on YouTube because he has a great personality and deserves it!

Good luck, Ray! 🙂

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