I Slipped and Bled Buffalo Sauce

A few weeks ago, it was very icy outside. VERY VERY ICY.

I was walking back to my dorm with my friend at midnight after just grabbing take-out buffalo wings from the dining hall when we hit a point in the path where the ground turned into a solid sheet of ice.

Oh great…

Goofing off, I pretended to demonstrate how to “SAFELY and properly” walk on ice as I crouched down into a squat and began sliding my feet back and forth like an old man.

Sure enough, my feet slipped out in front of me and I flew back landing on my butt and then onto my back. Ow. Spine. Ouch.

Now I really felt old.

Note the buffalo sauce everywhere – including on the one onion ring that managed to survive the fall.

In the process of falling, I tossed my take-out into the air, and buffalo wings and buffalo sauce landed EVERYWHERE.

I laid there, stunned. I laughed but I think I wanted to cry.

Some guy walking by saw me laying on the ground surrounded by black ice and red stuff and immediately asked, “IS HE OKAY?” He definitely thought I was bleeding because of the buffalo sauce… (And perhaps the wings looked like displaced organs?)

I told him I was going to be fine as I tried standing back up. Back at my dorm, I took out the box and ate the few wings I had left. I was sad that night. 🙁


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