Daily Prompt: Careless Whisper

“It happens: sometimes that filter in our head bursts and we say too much of what we’re thinking and someone gets hurt. Tell us about a time you or someone you know said something that they immediately regretted.” -The Daily Post

In the Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence, I talked about a cute boy I met in the Student Center and shared the story of how for the first time in my life, I chased after him.

I now regret that decision. Partially. It also taught me a lesson.

When it sometimes took him 24 to 48 hours to respond to some of my short and simple questions, I began to feel frustrated. He was on my mind and I found myself constantly checking my phone to see if he wrote back yet… except he almost never did.

Later that week, his intentions became even clearer. While I was interested in going on a few dates and possibly developing some sort of a relationship, he made it clear he only wanted to hook up.

The following week, I was venting to a friend about how I felt because of the situation, and in the midst of my frustration, I think I bashed a bit too hard on the idea of “hooking up.” In reality, I was annoyed because he wasn’t looking for something as serious as I was. Unfortunately, I think it may have come across as me saying that people who only hook up are not good people- and that was not my intention!

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