Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

“Sometimes, we act on impulse: it could be something as small as ordering that special dessert on the menu, maybe asking out that cute boy or girl, or as large quitting your job and selling everything you own to become a shepherd in New Zealand. What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done? If you’ve never succumbed to temptation, dream a little. If you gave yourself permission to go a little crazy, what would you do?” -The Daily Post

Last semester, I acted on impulse when I spontaneously applied for the Manager In Training position. I saw the application online and couldn’t resist the temptation to submit it even though I knew I was a new worker and stood very little chance at the promotion with so many other more experienced workers also applying.

I made it through the interview and spent this semester working as a Manager In Training.

They released applications for Senior Managers and guess who applied again! I had my interview today in front of a panel of ten adults. I’ve had many interviews over the past few years but never one as large as this.

I hope I get this position! I want to help run the student centers next semester so badly. It’s the perfect on campus job.


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