Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep

“Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation you weren’t supposed to? Tell us about a time when it was impossible not to overhear a conversation between people who didn’t know you were there. What was the conversation about? How did it make you feel?” -The Daily Post

I walked into a public restroom yesterday between two of my classes and the guy in the stall next to me was talking on his cellphone.

As a side note: I’m not sure if this is some degree of social anxiety or the sheer fact that I like my privacy but I’m pretty hesitant to make phone calls in public. Whenever I have to call someone, I isolate myself so that no one extra is listening on my end.

Even in the comfort of my own home, if my parents are there, I’ll walk to my bedroom to make the call. Needless to say, I’d almost certainly NEVER make a phone call while sitting on a toilet with other people in surrounding stalls…

But anyway, I guess the guy in the stall next to me didn’t care.

While I sat there trying to mind my own business, I ended up listening to a fight between him and his girlfriend which eventually led to their break up. So. Incredibly. Awkward.

I felt like I was a part of the breakup…
Jenny, why’d ya have to scream at him like that?


  1. I clicked on this post expecting that I’d get to make a snide comment about the picture. You know, like “no one wants to see that much of you” or “people wanted to see more of you” or something like that.

    I’m sure you can imagine my relief and disappointment that the picture wasn’t of you.

  2. Emilio Pasquale

    So many thoughts running through my head. The cleanest one is why would someone feel the need to talk to someone else while they are going to the bathroom? Especially to their girlfriend. A person that vulgar or uncouth probably doesn’t deserve a woman like Jenny- which happens to be one of my favorite names. Poor Jenny! No, scratch that. Smart jenny- to dump the guy!

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