Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

“You’re 12 years old. It’s your birthday. Write for ten minutes on that memory. GO.” -The Daily Post

Was that 8th grade? Or freshman year?

If it was 8th grade, the highlight of my day was probably was going to school and finding my locker decorated by my best friend and then getting a little gift bag inside from my parents.

My mom and dad used to be able to leave me a surprise gift because Back to School Night was the day before my birthday so they would put something in my locker at night and I’d get it the next day.

My friend did an exceptionally great job decorating my locker every year of middle school. I wish I took more photos back then. My locker had balloons and candy taped all over it. It was beautiful. And even more awesome because I felt so lucky to have a great friend who would take the time to do it. I miss her. I wish she still went to college with me actually.

This is kind of embarrassing thinking back now but I actually left the wrapping paper on my locker until the end of the school year so my birthday may have started in September but it didn’t really end until June…

I celebrated life literally every day that school year.


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