I’m Allergic to Almond Milk But I Drink It Anyway

Almonds make my throat itchy. It’s nothing too severe: my lips burn, my throat gets scratchy, and my tongue tingles. It’s uncomfortable but the discomfort is only a small price to pay for the deliciousness of an almond. That’s why I eat 6 a day! (Just kidding about the last part.)

Anyway, I was at the dining hall and noticed they had Silk Milk and Almond Milk! Oooh, I’ve never tried those before! How exciting.

The Silk Milk was silky- I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then I tried the Almond Milk. It was good up until the point when my tongue started feeling hot. When my lips got puffy, I realized that Almond Milk results in a very similar allergic reaction to that caused by the Almond itself! How fascinating.

Despite my nausea, I didn’t want to stop drinking it! The Almond Milk was so good. After 15 minutes, the swelling stopped and the small bumps on my lip started to go away. I really considered having a little more… but it wasn’t worth it.

I’ll stick to the less severe reaction I have with plain almonds.


  1. Something JUST like this happened to me! Albeit less dramatic. I’ve had a cold for the past week and a half–which basically means no dairy, otherwise you’ll produce a crap ton of phlegm. And for some reason I decided to buy a full quart of Cookies n Cream ice cream when I was at the store. I saw it and just couldn’t resist. So I get home, take one spoon full and its pretty much all down hill from there. I mean, I literally ate the entire thing in one sitting. I tried to stop but it was just too good. Now the ice cream is all gone . . . and I’m phlegmy.

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