Too Big a Candle? No Such Thing!

I was taking a stroll through Yankee Candle when I noticed something special.

It was a Balsam & Cedar candle so large it had ten wicks on top! A candle only a true candle lover could handle. It was THE King Candle and I needed it.

All hail King Candle! We are not worthy.

A candle I needed ~until~ I noticed the $300.00 price tag. Once I saw that, the grand cup of scented wax suddenly became merely a dream. But rest assured, the day will come when I CAN buy the King Candle! And when that days comes, life will be bliss.

Fun Fact: In 7th grade, we were going around the room sharing what we wanted to do when we grew up. I told the class I wanted to be a candle wax pourer and everyone stared… 🙁 I guess it was a little far-fetched but I mean, someone has to do it!



  1. Awwww – bless your heart – your candle wax pouring dream all shattered and broken.

    However – make yourself a kick-ass candle a 100 times better than a commercialised overpriced one in a shop! Go to ebay, search for candle wax, buy some cheap bags of wax pellets. Search for wax dye, buy a tiny bit (you hardly need any!) and buy some wick.

    Find yourself something absolutely awesome (I’m thinking a completely oversized wineglass) to make the candle in, and make yourself the best candle ever.

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