Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

I’m really in love with this guy from my writing class. He seems so straight though and I’m not sure how we feels about me. I remember he smiled and waved to me during the first class when I looked in his direction. He also went out of his way to say hi to me when he saw me studying in public last week. But then during class, he doesn’t give me the time of day.

I don’t know how to read him…

I was supposed to have class yesterday and with Valentine’s Day being today, yesterday’s class would have been the perfect time to ask him if he wanted to grab lunch or something… But classes were cancelled because of the snow. Oh well…

Another Valentine’s Day without a Valentine. 🙁

I still want to ask him on some sort of a date. It’s so scary though!


  1. Martha Kennedy

    I am so glad I’m not your age anymore. It’s not easy. Reality is WAY more satisfying than what you’re going through. Invite him for coffee and read.

  2. gay at rutgers too

    So I randomly stumbled upon your blog while googling and I’ve spent the last half hour or so reading through your posts. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog!

    Valentine’s day is always a tricky day and for gays especially I think even more so. Just know you aren’t the only gay guy on campus without a Valentine, haha. And good luck asking him out, if you can muster the courage 😉

      1. gay at rutgers too

        Thanks! I do enjoy it a lot. Hopefully I’ll be moving to Livingston this fall so I can be in the middle of the action a bit more (I live just off campus at the moment).

    1. gay at rutgers too

      Good luck to you too! My lottery number is pretty bad as well but I’m hoping for the best. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll run into each other on campus one day, haha.

        1. (Sorry, your comment somehow ended up in my spam folder so I just came across it) ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU GOT THE LIVI APARTMENTS!? I am so jealous! My roommate and I applied (mostly as a joke) because we have almost no seniority points and the worst lottery number ever so we’re applying for everything in hopes of getting something. I’m so happy for you though!

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