Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

“Write a post entirely in the present tense.” -The Daily Post

I haven’t talked much about my classes this semester so here goes nothing:

That’s So Gay – This is my favorite class. I love the professor. I love the students. I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. The class feels so REAL and I appreciate that. It’s a safe place where everyone can express themselves openly. Plus, there’s a hot guy. 😉

Macroeconomics – I took Micro last semester. It was okay. I hear Macro is easier. Let’s hope.

Minority Groups in American Society – This professor makes me laugh. I guess I connect well with the course because my sexuality makes me a minority. I also feel very Asian (even though I lack even one drop of Asian blood…)

Intro to Psychology – I am taking Psych because it fascinates me!

Psychology of Reasoning (Aresty Byrne Seminar) – The chance to do research with a small class seems fun! I want to learn from the professor; he’s a world-class researcher. It might not be as great as Birdwatching at Rutgers but I think the seminar will still be interesting.

Statistics For Business – This is probably my least favorite class. Ok, it’s better than calculus but it’s still annoying. Maybe I wouldn’t mind it if it weren’t at 8 o’clock at night. On the bright side, there’s also a cute boy in this class too.

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