Day 3: What’s On Your Mind? (Zero to Hero Challenge)

Day 3: When I first started this blog, I was halfway finished with my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college. I know that probably sounds strange but for me, the two were happening at the same exact time.

Through a special program offered at my high school, I was able to spend my senior year taking all of my classes at a local college. As with most college students’ schedules, I had a large gap between two of my classes and I thought blogging could help occupy some of that time! Plus, I had some really odd stories that I wanted to share with the online community!

Two of my original posts were: Yoga & My Soul and Ice-skating in Endless Circles.

I miss my yoga mat!

I’m linking to these two posts because I really enjoyed writing both of them. Since they were published so early on, chances are most of my readers have never even seen them before!

If you don’t have time for both, I’d suggest checking out the post about yoga! Maybe it will help you understand my obsession… 😉


          1. No, you can do it! I’m not flexible either. It’s all about BECOMING flexible haha.

            My weekend has been nice so far. I went shopping today and am going to my little cousin’s birthday party tomorrow. How has your weekend been?

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