I Need Someone With Tiger Hair

As I walked into my Business Forum lecture, my professor grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. I had walked in with my friend but she was on her way to our seats completely unaware that my professor stopped me as I was following her from behind.

My professor says, “Congratulations young man, you get to introduce one of our guest speakers today.”

Lucky me… This was on the day Deloitte was paying us a visit. I really don’t like Deloitte.

“Me? But don’t people normally volunteer to introduce the guest speakers?” I asked.

“Yes but we have five guest speakers and only four volunteers,” the professor responded.

So just like that, I was being forced against my will to introduce someone I really didn’t want to introduce. I hate this class because it’s the same one that encourages business networking: sucking up to people so that you can use them to your own advantage when you need them. Plus, my friend probably thought I volunteered to introduce Deloitte and didn’t tell her in order to get an upper hand in the class. I don’t play that game. Ugh, I was so mad!

Suddenly my professor goes, “This is a problem. We have too many guys and not enough girls…”

“Oh, I’ll sit down and ask my friend if she wants to do it instead! She loves Deloitte!” I quickly answered. A total win/win!

My professor then says to me, “But we need someone with tiger-striped hair to introduce them.”


I have highlights in my hair but really? I mean it does have a tiger-ish brown and blonde look to it but seriously? Was that comment really necessary? I was already upset with him so the comment didn’t help.

So he STILL made me introduce Deloitte, I had to get a different female friend to help, and I had to sit in the first row because someone took my typical seat. The sad thing is that he made me miserable that day and I did nothing to deserve it! He picked me completely at random out of every kid in the lecture hall and managed to totally ruin my day. I would have gladly introduced the guest speaker if it was posed to me as a question but no, he basically forced me to do it all because he needed someone with tiger hair.


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