Why Basically Beyond Basic?

After reading an article on The Daily Post about choosing the perfect name for your blog, I realized I haven’t done everything in my power to fully embraced my blog’s name. I’ve ran blogs in the past between Tumblr and Blogger where I purchased domain names and enjoyed them for a bit but with all of them, I eventually became bored and left because they were too specific. I was losing interest in my blog’s topic and it showed through my writing.

That’s how I got here! I designed Basically Beyond Basic to be an everyday blog about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. No rules. Free space to post whatever I want. I try to participate in the daily writing challenges but that’s just a small fragment in the overall scope of what I publish. I love to share wacky stories. I like to think of this as a general interest blog specializing in strangeness! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m not quite sure why I’ve held onto the .wordpress.com extension for so long but BasicallyBeyondBasic has had it for almost a whole year. My blog turns one in January! I’m thinking I may have delayed the purchase because I was considering changing my blog’s name and didn’t want to feel committed to any name since that was the issue in the past. Well, I’ve decided today that that isn’t going to happen again- at least not anytime soon. As strange as the name sounds, I think it captures the essence of my life pretty well! My life seems so normal from the outside but anyone who knows me is well aware of what I deal with on a dailyย hourly basis and I think it’s a bit beyond however “basic” it may seem. Plus, the alliteration is fun and I’d like to think that over the course of the past year, I’ve gained at least some name recognition.

So yeah, as of today, basicallybeyondbasic .com (broke the link intentionally in 2017)ย is a fully functioning domain!ย If you enjoy my posts, please feel free to share the link with family and friends as it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please follow me? Please? (Hahaha I love this cat)


UPDATE: This post is very old. That domain is no longer active and my site is now called The Rocky Safari and is located directly from therockysafari.com. Thanks!


    1. Interesting! I wasn’t aware of that. In the beginning stages of my blog, part of me actually intended for my URL to be a play on words hinting at the alkaline end of the pH scale and living a life so basic that it exceeds the base limit of 14 but then I realized it was probably too abstract of a concept to convey. I figured people wouldn’t understand what I was trying to say since it even confused myself. So then I changed it to mean exactly what I explained in the post above.

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