Daily Prompt: Intense!

“Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.” -The Daily Post 

My grandpa passed away exactly one week ago today. Now, of course, I’d react to the news with “intense feelings” and of course those feelings would be “strong” but it was still surprising to think back on how I reacted to the news. I remember I was studying in a lounge here at Rutgers when my dad called me, practically in tears, and his first words were, “Rock, Grandpa is dying.” Honestly, my heart stopped. What? Now? But how?

I’m typically very calm and I kid around about school giving me mental breakdowns left and right but no, THIS WAS A LEGITIMATE MENTAL BREAKDOWN and it was the first one I can remember ever having.

I was THROWING my books back into my backpack, I pulled my laptop charger out of the wall so hard that the cord whipped up and smacked me in the face, and I remember just running to a tree out in the middle of nowhere (actually just behind my dorm) and I just started crying.


It was right after my birdwatching class ended for the last time (you all know how much that class meant to me haha). Plus, it was also the first day I WOULD have had calculus not once, but twice but couldn’t attend either class anymore because I just withdrew.. (but that’s a story for another blog post), and NOW THIS BAD NEWS ON TOP OF ALL THAT.

Thank god I was picked up by my family that same night because I was a total wreck.

RIP Grandpa. 🙁


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