Calculus Dejavu


If you remember my posts from last school year, calculus was the sole cause of my pain and misery and in the end, it proved to be too much. I went on a short lived emotional roller coaster and eventually made the decision to pay the $400.00 and withdraw from the course.

Now I’m here at Rutgers and even with my past experience in the subject, calculus is JUST AS HARD! If not even hardER! 

It’s terrible. I had my first exam on Thursday and it was only TEN QUESTIONS. 

Guess how many I answered:


Last year, I got a 37 on my first exam. At least I can say I improved if I get a 50! 


  1. Calculus was like a foreign language to me. I guess you need it for your major? When I went to college a million years ago, I placed into pre-calc. Since I only needed one math class for my major I dropped it and took a math course for nurses (I had nothing to do with the nursing school- majored in crim justice) – math for nurses way more manageable than pre- calc!! Good luck! I enjoy your college stories. My husband went to Rutgers and we live in central jersey now.

    1. Oh man, I wish there was some way around it! Unfortunately in my case, calc is calc and I’m going to have to pass it one way or another.

      Glad to know you are enjoying my college stories – I can assure you there are many more to come! So cool to know a reader is from the area! 🙂

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