Gay Guys at Rutgers

You’d think at a college with 40,000 other students it would be easy to spot a gay guy, right? I guess we’re around but there’s not as many as you’d think. Plus, most of the gay guys I’ve noticed seem a lot older than me. Where are all of the gay freshmen?

I’ve spotted cute boys here and there but it’s so sad when you compare them to the number of straight men all around. Unless all of gay guys are so masculine that you can’t even tell they’re gay – which is a very serious possibility.

There were two cute guys I noticed (both on Livingston) but who knows if I’ll ever see either one of them again. I actually saw one of them for the first time today and I’ve been living here for how long now..?

Not even going to lie, I was SO ready to approach him because he looked normal, FRIENDLY, cute, and approachable but I was talking to someone I’m not out to yet sooo basically I missed my chance.

There’s a LGBTQ Fall Reception on campus tomorrow – maybe I’ll see him there! 😉

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