Dorming is Stressful

August 31st marked the first day of my college career. I want to apologize for my lack of posts but it has been SUCH A CHALLENGE to keep track of everything ever since classes started. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It’s my first semester and I’m taking the maximum amount of credits a freshman is allowed to take: 16. I really hope that isn’t a mistake because they recommend 12 or 13 for first year students.

I adjusted well to the dining hall thing, I don’t mind taking buses to get between campuses, and I’ve been having fun meeting new people!

There are things I’m trying to do RIGHT like meeting with my freshman year advisor, keeping my school work organized, and paying attention during classes.

But I’ve done a few things wrong as well. I’ve fallen a bit behind in my coursework because I LOST THE KEY TO MY DORM ROOM AND I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR IT NONSTOP FOR THE PAST THREE DAYS WHICH HAS WASTED SOOO MUCH OF MY TIME. I’ve made 19 phone calls, visited two campuses almost 6 times and searched over eleven buildings. WITH NO LUCK.

I found ANOTHER PERSONS room key BUT NOT MY ROOM KEY. And the person who it belongs to found out I have it and isn’t even trying to get it back… What the heck!? If I knew someone had MY key, I’d be all over them!

Buy anyway- I’ve made posts online. I’ve asked friends if they’ve seen it. I’ve jumped on random buses to see if it slipped out of my pocket. Talked to professors. NOTHING.

I even walked to some sketchy shop a little ways off campus and tried to make a copy of my roommate’s key but apparently it says “Do Not Duplicate” on it so doing that would be against the law…

I guess I should give up and just pay the $70.00 to replace the entire lock on my door. I really thought I would find it since I never lose things. Luck wasn’t on my side this time.

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