Rutgers: The Bus that Never Was

My friend (let’s call her “Sam”) had to go to Rutgers University on June 10th to take her Math and English Placement Test. Now I had already taken my Placement Test at an earlier testing date so when I heard she was going, I thought, hey, maybe I can go along and explore the campus!

So I asked her if I could go along and Sam said yes!

The day of the exam, I woke up around 7 AM and we took off for the hour long drive. Once there, she went to the building where her testing would be held and I took out my phone and pinned the location at which we were standing so that no matter where I ended up, I knew I would be able to make my way back. Sam walked into her testing room and I began walking the long stretch of road that is College Ave.

I walked up and down College Ave for awhile! It was hot. After going up and down the street almost three times, I realized I still had three hours to go so I needed something different to do!

I figured I would jump on a random bus. I had to end up somewhere!

Well I did. I ended up on the Cook campus. At first, things were great! I was shopping and people watching. Unfortunately, as time began to run low, I began trying to catch a bus back to College Ave. AFTER SITTING AT A BUS STOP FOR ALMOST 45 MINUTES I BEGAN TO REALIZE THAT BUSING DURING THE SUMMER IS DIFFERENT. Instead of hundreds of buses coming every 5 minutes, they have two buses. Two. Summer 1 and Summer 2.

I was having a panic attack. It was too far to walk and the buses just weren’t coming!

In the end, Sam had to drive over to Cook to pick me up. The buses failed me. I failed Sam. The last thing I wanted to do was be an inconvenience and make her have to go out of her way to pick me up. Luckily it’s only a five minute drive.

I still felt really bad though.

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