Daily Prompt: Origin Story

“Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site went in a different direction than you’d planned?” -The Daily Post 

I started my blog because I wanted a safe place to share stories about my life. I have a lot of WEIRD things that happen to me and I wanted to share them with readers from around the world!

In the beginning, I wanted to really get involved in the WordPress community so I decided to participate in the Daily Post! It’s proven to be a great thing!

Since then, I’ve faced a few challenges.

For one, I’m a very busy person and it’s difficult to keep up! I went away for two weeks in June/July and it made me severely fall behind in my daily prompts. I’d like to eventually respond to those prompts so that at the end of 2013, I feel like I truly completed the challenge.

My second challenge is that I run two blogs. This one and a personal diary. Documenting each and every day of my life takes time and that alone can be exhausting!

The bottom line is that my blog still serves the same purpose. I share stories and respond to daily prompts. If I wanted to change that, I’d start a new blog – not change this one!

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