Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

“You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?” -The Daily Post 

Without any hesitation, I can say for sure that I would pick my friend Nicole D. I know I have written about her in the past and explained how she served on the Key Club New Jersey District Board in three different capacities and was the one who inspired me to run for Lieutenant Governor. In addition to that, I bumped into her last Wednesday at a Kiwanis dinner. Turns out they invited her to see if she would have any interest in joining- AND SHE DID! Nicole, this 19/20-year-old girl, joined the Kiwanis Club which had only members of 60/70/80 years of age. After that dinner, she became not the newest member of that Kiwanis Club but also the youngest by far. You wouldn’t believe how thrilled I was both for her and the club! I was seriously starting to get worried thinking about what would happen to that Kiwanis club as the members got older and older so it’s a relief to know young people are still joining.

Nicole deserves to be recognized for all that she has done.

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