Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Ok, so this was quite literally, “my escape” this past year. Oftentimes, my friends would notice that I disappeared for hours at a time and would text me asking me where I was- and I wouldn’t always answer.

The truth (and I still haven’t told anyone) is that at my college, there is a door in the library that says “Roof Access” and if you open it, it leads to a staircase. If you go up the stairs, you see exactly what is in the photograph.

I used to laugh because most students would probably look at this and be like, “Oh I probably shouldn’t be here…” and that is most likely why it deters so many students.

In reality, the door to the right opens up to a pretty decently sized study room just for students! I ALWAYS HAD IT ALL TO MYSELF AND I LOVED IT. It was so quiet and so peaceful. Lovely view. Plenty of room. The perfect place to go for me-time. I’ll really miss it next year.

Hopefully, I’ll discover a similar secret passageway at Rutgers! 😉


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