Clinton Road Is Haunted

My friend was telling me all about this haunted road in northern New Jersey called Clinton Road and now I’m officially freaked out. At first, I was doubtful about how a road could be scary – but IT REALLY IS. Just go to Google or Wikipedia and look it up!

Clinton Road is a ten-mile-long desolate stretch of road surrounded by nothing but trees on both sides. Most people start to feel uncomfortable about halfway down the road and turn around.

It doesn’t help that the road has legitimate ties with so many things like the KKK, a serial killer, Satanists performing satanic rituals, a mostly destroyed ancient castle of some sort, and supposedly even ghosts!

They say that if you throw a penny off one of the bridges, some kid who died there will throw it back to you. As silly as it may sound, there is an unusually high number of people who have reported that to be true. They also say that as you drive, you might see headlights behind you from a ghost truck that will tailgate you until you finally hit the end of the road- and that story has A LOT of people who say it is true.

I kind of want to check it out with a few of my friends but we are so scared we probably never will haha.

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