Best Friends Reunited 10 Years Later

Growing up, Dylan was always my best friend. We were next door neighbors and we both had so much in common. We collected Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh card and both watch the TV series. We used to hang out after school and watch the latest episodes of Pokemon on KidsWB right at 4:00. Great memories.

Right around fourth grade, he moved away and went to Shanghai, China. While there, we kept in touch via e-mail, AIM, and even Runescape… (early on, back when it was ‘cool’). Eventually, maybe a year or two ago, he moved to England where he has been living ever since. His goal was to to end up in California for college (vs the East Coast where I live) Talk about traveling the world! Unfortunately (or fortunately?), his top school rejected him so… destiny decided to play its part.

Check out this conversation I had with my friend, Dylan, on Facebook:

The Conversation

Me: Hey Dylan! Any word on what college you’ll be attending this fall?
Dylan: hey rocky! i’ve decided on rutgers! how about you?
Dylan: i actually just only made the decision and turned in the deposit yesterday.
oh my god are you serious? this is amazing
Me: It’ll be Rutgers Business School for me! Wbu?
Dylan: wait you’re joking right?
same here!
Me: no, I’m serious!
Dylan: oh my god
this is actually ridiculous
Me: This is crazy
Dylan: this
Me: This is SO weird!!!
Dylan: it’s actually surreal!
all my best friends in the world are literally going to be within 2 hours from me. Couldn’t believe that you would fit into that as well
Me: hahahaha this is great
ISN’T THAT THE CRAZIEST THING EVER!? BEST FRIENDS WILL BE REUNITED IN COLLEGE TEN YEARS LATER. I was convinced that I’d never live near this kid ever again… and now we can be classmates. It doesn’t even feel like real life.

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