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It’s crazy just how much the Internet has changed the way in which we interact with those we care about. My grandmother recently got Wi-Fi installed at her house and as a result, this past weekend, I brought my laptop with me when I went to her house for Palm Sunday.

While there, my “Nonna” (Italian for Grandma) called up her sister in Italy and told her to log onto her Skype. Yes, despite her age, my Zia in Italy not only owns her own laptop but made herself a Skype account! Isn’t that impressive? I think it is! I know my Nonna would never.

So we logged on and for the first time in probably over ten years, my Zia was able to see our faces! She saw our five and six year old cousins. She saw her very own sister again. She saw me. She saw my mom and dad. She saw everyone. It was a beautiful moment.

Thank you Internet and thank you Skype for making moments like these possible.

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