Crying Tears of Everything

I’m not really much of a crier but this past week has been a bit extraordinary so I wanted to make a post about it:

SkillsUSA (Friday)

My whole group cried during the awards ceremony last Friday when we won gold! It was emotional because after three years of competing, we finally took first place and are going to Nationals this summer! Countless long hours of working on our project and it finally all paid off. How could you not cry?

My Last Key Club District Board Meeting (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

At the end of the board meeting on Saturday night, each Lieutenant Governor went around and stood up with the microphone and talked about the “one thing we wish we knew” and of course, it was always things like, “I wish I knew how quickly this would go by” or “I wish I knew how close I would become with everyone” and by the time it came to me, I stood up and basically bursted into tears. I just couldn’t.

Prom Response (Monday)

I had plans to meet up with the guy who asked me to prom and I was dreading it because I originally planned on telling him that it was going to have to be a ‘sorry but no’ and I basically cried because I didn’t want to see the look on his face. It never happened though. We might really go together… Still debating the pros and cons.

The Melting Pot (Tuesday)

My Mom and Dad took my sister and me to The Melting Pot on Tuesday and the server there was so nice that I found it really touching. They even gave me a handwritten card and for some reason, that always gets to me. Plus, my Mom and Dad did that thing again where they told me all about how proud they are of everything my sister and I do. While I didn’t actually cry, I kind of wanted to!!

So Much Homework (Wednesday)

Calculus makes me cry. Need I say more?

A Friend’s Blog Post (Thursday)

While exploring Tumblr for the first time since forever ago, I decided to check out my best friend’s blog. On it, I noticed her posts have been really dark lately. A page or two into my creeping, I found something: a post… about me.

Was my name flat out typed on the post? No… But could I tell it was about me? Without a doubt. It was a post about how she’s upset because our friendship is ending and how there is a statistic about how all friendships end after 5 years and how she thought ours would beat the odds but it didn’t. Reading that, I basically bursted out crying. It’s so frustrating because our friendship isn’t ending and I didn’t even know she felt that way! She makes it seem like it is but this is all in her head! Just because we don’t see each other everyday anymore doesn’t mean it is all over!! I still love her so much and I just wish she realized that. I’m making every effort to get her to realize that I never meant to make her feel that way to begin with.

Please… let the upcoming weeks be filled with fewer tears.


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