Daily Prompt: Proud

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?” –The Daily Post

I took this photo during a tour after my college interview today!

Today, actually! At 11 AM this morning, I had my fifth and final college interview. I tried to dress my best, prepare myself as much as possible, and ultimately just be myself.

You see, throughout my college application journey, I made a vow to never lie or exxagerate in any way. If I was getting into a college, I wanted it to be ME who got into the college- not the fake ‘improved’ me that my application would be trying to sell. With each and every college decision letter that I open, I want to read it and remember that their final decision was a 100% true judgement of what they thought of the real me. They’ll either chose to ignore and reject me or love and accept me based on who I truly am. What more could I ask for?

Anyway, after today’s interview, my parents constantly kept telling me how proud they were of me (to the point where they were almost in tears!!) My mom went off on a tangent going on and on about how in awe she is of my capabilities. She went over everything from how nicely I dress myself (it’s must be the gay in me or something), how prepared I make myself, how real I am around other people, and just the overall ‘aura’ I give off to everyone around me. I have to say, she made me feel REALLY good about myself. That’s one thing I have to say about my mom and dad: they never seem to let me forget how proud they are of me. They constantly remind me and it means the world to me. Let’s just hope they maintain that sense of pride when it comes time for me to come out to the two of them…

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