Daily Prompt: All About Me

“Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.” –The Daily Prompt

My Scale of Life

This prompt is so appropriate considering the fact that my blog is on the newer side and readers may be wondering what my title means and where it comes from. Basically, the inspiration for the title of my blog stemmed from a realization I had while talking with a few close friends of mine. We were laughing about the whole ‘hipster’ fad and how if you aren’t a hipster, then you are ‘basic’ since being basic is pretty much the complete opposite of being a hipster; you know, like total opposite ends of the spectrum. Then we analyzed how assuming you are a ‘hipster’ actually brings you back to being totally basic since being ‘hipster’ has become more of a ‘cool’ thing, like a trend, rather than meaning what the word literally means. To work around this problem, I concluded that I was just going to say my life it basically beyond the point of being basic because it’s more than just that. It’s almost so typical that it’s not typical at all. But at the same time, it’s not typical whatsoever. It’s basically beyond basic, yet not basic at all, but still so basic that most people couldn’t begin to comprehend my life and the very meaning behind its existence. Not to mention the fact that I am too basic for a name so my username is Too Basic For a Name. Does any of this make any sense? Probably not. It’s not supposed to. It’s all part of my plan. heh heh heh… >;)


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