Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?” –The Daily Post

My ideal space for reading and writing would be in my own little self-created zen room. The floor would be a light brown wood with little bamboo plants surrounding the room and recessed floor lighting in between all of the bamboo plants. I would have a nice fountain on the back wall that would be mostly quiet, but just loud enough to add to the overall ambiance in the room. In one corner of the room, I would have a mini zen garden filled with sand and stacked stones. On the other corner, I would have an indoor koi pond. There would be a low level table in the middle of the room with a whole bunch of different Teavana tea blends set up, ready to be steeped. Oh and a little bonsai tree off to the side of the teas! I would also have a thickly padded yoga mat placed next to the table. To let some natural light in, I would want a skylight on the ceiling. And of course, there would constantly be quiet yoga music or nature sound-clips playing in the background to create a feeling of total peace. 

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