Why I Don’t Like Instagram

So like ... does this make me a photographer now?
So like … does this make me a photographer now?

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, you name it, I have it. I’m serious! Even Foursquare, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, and much more. However, the one application that you will never ever see me use is… do I dare say its name… in-in- Instagram.

I simply do not understand this whole “Instagram” Β trend right now. If you have a photo that you want to share, post it on Facebook! Do you not want your direct friends to see it? Ok fine, post it on Tumblr. Oh, or even Twitter! Don’t have a picture? Do you just want to send out a text update? Perfect, we have Facebook AND Twitter AND even Tumblr!

For those of you who aren’t fans of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, why would you choose to go to Instagram? Google+ came out way before Instagram! And Flickr is specifically designed with the very intention of SHARING PHOTOS. Pinterest is nothing but photos!

So why do we need another application on the market causing even more barriers between everyone. It’s so complicated nowadays and there are so many ways to miss updates from the people you care about. If everything was on one website, like Facebook, everything would be so much more organized. If I were the type of person who absolutely had to know every single update from my friends, what am I supposed to do now? Check a hundred social media websites everyday? That’s not practical at all.

The worst part of Instagram is what it is doing to the people who use it! By using Instagram, you are not suddenly a professional photographer. Adding filters does not making your pictures look any better. To tell you the truth, I think filters actually make the photos on Instagram look even uglier- almost like they are trying too hard. Another one of my pet-peves is when people use the app and call themselves ‘hipsters’. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Ok, here is how I see it:

Facebook – Photos of friends

Twitter – Photos of what you are up to

Tumblr – Fun Photos

Flickr – Professional Photos

So why exactly do we need Instagram…?

Please don’t tell me it is because it’s the best way to view photos on a vertical phone screen because Facebook has a Camera+ app which does the same exact thing and Tumblr’s app is just fine.

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