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Today in my Calculus class, the girl who sits next to me was almost half an hour late. Based on the past few classes, I get the impression that she is really smart. At the end of class, she asked to borrow the notes she missed. As a student, I totally get what that is like. You missed valuable information and if you don’t copy someones notes, you may never truly understand the material that you missed. I can’t get over one thing though, she took my notes and went somewhere to copy them. I told her exactly where I would be and how long I would be there. She never told me where she would be. What is she forgets to deliver them back to me? I don’t know which classroom she is at, I don’t have her cell phone number, I don’t have her e-mail address, I don’t even know her name. Ughhhhh girl-from-calculus, pleaseeeee bring me my notes before my class ends at 10:45 so that I don’t die.


UPDATE: THE GOD OF CALCULUS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS ~ She showed up a few minutes after 10:45 so I was able to get my notes and make it to English Comp II on time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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